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December 09, 2006

Pay no attention to the bloggers behind the curtain

I just got home from a very pleasant evening, talking about everything except blogging with an erudite gathering of bloggers and friends at the Fiddler's Green pub. I did, as promised, take my camera along, but the room was even darker than the last room in which we held a blogstravagant gathering, so the photos are all pretty dark.

My apologies to all concerned, as usual:


Jason Cherniak (Cherniak on Politics) and Brian Mertens (Free Advice).


The Tarantinos (Bob Tarantino), with James Bow in the background.


James Bow (Bow. James Bow.)


Damian Brooks (Babbling Brooks and Nick Packwood (Ghost of a Flea)

More folks arrived after I'd put the camera away, including Martin Cleaver, Greg Staples and Andrew Coyne, while others had already been and gone, including the Last Amazon (with the real Last Amazon in tow), and Kathy Shaidle. There were plenty of other folks there, including Chris Taylor, but I either didn't get photos, or I didn't get names (and with my notorious memory for names, you'd do well to bet on the latter).

Posted by Nicholas at December 9, 2006 01:13 AM
Nicholas, sorry I wasn't able to stay and chat. Serves me right the ballet was absolutely wretched. Posted by: Kateland at December 10, 2006 02:25 PM

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